The extended deadline for abstract submissions has expired.


The abstract should be structured in following way:

Abstract title
*Full title of the paper

Abstract body:
* The body of the abstract should be between 250 – 280 words and should describe aim, methods, results and conclusions. If the research is still in progress during the abstract submission deadline, please state when you will have results and what do you expect to find.

Suggested topic:
*Name the topic from the list concerning your abstract (For example: *Prevalence, incidence and official data on child maltreatment/child well-being)

Suggested categorisation:
*original research paper, review paper, professional paper (Choose one)

Type of presentation:
*Verbal presentation or poster presentation

* The name of the presenting author should be first.

Academic title:
*Please indicate the academic title (for example Full professor, PhD student…) of each author (in case of multiple authors), by number in footnote or separate document.

* Please indicate affiliation of each author by number in footnote or separate document. For example:
1University of Rijeka, Faculty of Health Studies, Department of Public Health
2University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Department of Social Work

City and country:
*For example Zagreb, Croatia

Correspondent author:
*author’s name, institution and address, e-mail

The organizing committee will remove all the information on authors before the evaluation of abstracts. Only abstract title and abstract body will be sent to the scientific committee for evaluation.

Send your abstract to the Head of the Organizing Committee Stjepka Popović:

In case of any queries regarding abstract submission and conference participation, please, don’t hesitate to contact Head of the Organizing Committee Stjepka Popović. By not receiving e-mail confirmation within 24 hours, please contact again.

Abstract submission deadline: April 20, 2017